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Our business model

Personal Group's offering is focused overall on improving the lives of the UK workforce

Our unique resources

The Group provides UK organisations with the full-service solution they need to stand out as an employer of choice.

Clear purpose and strategy

Our purpose provides the guiding light for our business and aligns us behind one goal.

Our clear strategy provides motivation for all staff and attracts investors.

Variety of offerings within one group

Our ability to offer a very wide range of benefits and solutions within one Group is attractive to clients, provides a point of differentiation and sets us up for further bolt-on acquisitions.

Hapi – Our market-leading, proprietary digital platform

A digital solution that allows employees to access a wealth of financial, physical, mental and social benefits through an easy-to-use platform and smartphone app.

Hapiflex, launched in 2021, is an extension to the platform providing even greater flexibility and choice.

Partnership with leading SME software providers

Our long term relationship with Sage provide access to c.7 million employees within the UK's vast but fragmented SME market.

Authorised by the FCA

We are authorised by the FCA for insurance distribution, a significant barrier to entry to competitors in the employee benefits space.

Experienced management team

Our strong and experienced team ensures quality delivery of our offerings across the Group, underpinning our brand as a trustworthy partner.

We use these resources to:

Provide a broad range of employee engagement and wellbeing offerings to all sectors of the UK workforce.

Pay & Reward

Innecto Digital subscriptions – employers pay an annual subscription for digital analysis and predictive SaaS tools for use in making pay decisions.

Innecto consultancy income – employers pay for a full reward service – from pay benchmarking to the development of job evaluation and bonus schemes.

QCG - expert and friendly consultancy support to deliver fair pay, engaging benefits, effective recognition and a great employee experience.

Benefits platform

Hapi subscriptions – employers pay monthly or annual subscriptions per employee for use of the Hapi platform and app.

Can be white-labelled through a corporate partner, e.g. Sage Employee Benefits.

Commission on third-party transactions - we earn a margin on some of the discounted vouchers available to employees through Hapi and commission on any third-party financing arranged or employer purchases of partner solutions.

Affordable insurance

Employee-paid insurance plans – access to our insurance products is made available through an individual’s wider employee benefits offering. Premiums are paid by the employee via a weekly or monthly payroll deduction

Other owned benefits

Employer paid home technology salary sacrifice sales – employers pay up front for their employees’ technology and other purchases with employees making subsequent monthly salary sacrifice payments back to their employers.

How our work creates value

Our employee benefits and employee insurance products serve hundreds of thousands of UK employees, helping them thrive in work and life.

A significant proportion of revenue (c.36%) is pass through transactional spend on Hapi and therefore has no impact on earnings

How our work creates value

c.34% of clients are served by two or more Personal Group companies.

Our clients

Bespoke, integrated and intuitive delivery of a broad and affordable suite of employee services to help employers to attract, motivate and retain staff and to deliver on their ESG commitments.

Our customers

Helping customers thrive in work and in life. Peace of mind for policyholders with our fair-deal insurance products and enhanced access to benefits and discounts via several channels.

Our colleagues

An engaging, supportive and challenging environment for our people. Meaningful purpose-led work with great opportunity for personal career progression.

Our shareholders

Strong financials underpin dividend payments and provide firepower for growth. Increasing resilience through continued development in new channels, offerings and audiences.