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Our markets

The drive to look after employees has never been greater and underpins a continually increasing demand for our services

Market drivers

Overall, 2021 saw the continued acceleration of a core theme: the need for employers to improve their employee value propositions. The drive to look after employees, creating a real, positive impact on lives rather than as a ‘tick-box’ exercise has never been greater, and underpins a continually increasing demand for our services.

Key themes 

Increased importance of employee health and wellbeing 

2021 saw a widespread recognition of the role played by the employer in providing different forms of health and wellbeing support, with mental health provisions in particular emerging as one of the key growth areas. 

Maintaining a team that is 'well' underpins a business's ongoing operations and is also increasingly seen to be part of the employer's moral responsibility.

Building resilient workforces

Living through a global pandemic has created a shift in the minds of many people; the thought they may become ill “someday” has been replaced by a realisation that it could happen “any day”. With this in mind, the Group’s health protection offerings have continued to resonate strongly.

We’ve seen sustained interest in our protection plans from employers who want to keep workers safe and productive, but a limited benefits budget means they are unable to provide cover for ill health. By partnering with Personal Group, clients can provide their staff with easy access to affordable individual policies at no extra cost to the employer. 

Flexible working 

Hybrid working is here to stay and HR managers are facing the challenge of a workforce that is more disconnected than ever. As such, using technology both to communicate with employees and to deliver wellbeing services has emerged as a key trend. As well as providing vital support, it also encourages continued participation with the business’s values and philosophy. The advantages of introducing a digital platform such as Hapi are therefore increasingly relevant.

Diversity and inclusion

The rise of flexible working has also posed a threat to the progress made by many businesses in terms of diversity and inclusion; businesses must now consider how they will preserve social equity in a disrupted environment. Throughout 2021 and heading into 2022, HR managers needed to think strategically about employee benefits and support and how they can make sure these provisions are reaching their people and providing meaningful support. 

Our approach 

Personal Group offers a uniquely holistic market proposition, spanning insurance, employee benefits, and reward consultancy, allowing us to address every sector of UK business and offer relevant, timely and price-appropriate services that help companies address these key themes.


  • e.g. Royal Mail Group, Cranswick
  • Fair-deal health and life insurance products
  • Digital benefits platform - Hapi
  • One of our main markets is the industrial heartlands of the UK, across sectors such as social care, food manufacturing, transport and logistics. We are proud to offer a benefits package and affordable employee paid insurance protection to these employees, many of whom don’t sit behind a desk and might not have access to the benefits package offered in other sectors. Our Hospital Cash Plan, Convalescence Plan and Death Benefit Plan increase these employees’ resilience against unexpected costs.
  • The ONS estimates there are 13m employees in UK companies over 1,000 employees. We are already trusted by large household name organisations like DHL, Stagecoach, and Royal Mail.

Public sector

  • e.g. Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust, University of York
  • Other owned benefits (Let’s Connect)
  • Digital benefits platform - Hapi (Hapiflex version most relevant)
  • Our NHS offer is a customised platform, empowering employees with easy access to core NHS benefits. We have also developed an NHS framework strategy to provide access to PG Let’s Connect and other salary sacrifice benefits provided by third parties. The launch of Hapiflex with the University of York will also help us gain access to more of the UK’s 5.6m public sector workers, providing services for employees with more disposable income.


  • eg. Skyscanner, Refinitiv
  • Pay and Reward consultancy (Innecto)
  • Digital benefits platform - Hapi (Hapiflex version most relevant)
  • For talent-driven businesses attracting and retaining the right employees is key to their future success. Innecto’s intelligent consultancy and digital analysis solutions help organisations understand their reward position better. As companies seek to safeguard social equity in a disrupted working environment, Innecto’s gender pay gap and other legislative-led transparency reporting is more relevant than ever, providing benchmarking data to guide companies to best support their people and preserve equity.


  • Any enterprise with <250 employees
  • Digital benefits platform (Hapi white-labelled as ‘Sage Employee Benefits’)
  • We target the UK’s vast and fragmented SME market through our partnership with Sage, the UK’s largest provider of payroll and accounting software for small businesses. Through this partnership, we are able to reach significant numbers of smaller companies in the UK as currently circa 1m SMEs have access
    to Sage accounting services. We also have plans to widen our partnership to include other organisations which work within the SME market, such as business services and membership organisations.