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Furlough Calculator

Quick and simple modelling with our FREE Furlough Calculator

In this uncertain climate, lots of organisations are having to make difficult decisions on how they should manage pay costs – cut pay or furlough employees?

That’s why Innecto (The Consultancy arm of Personal Group) is giving away a free furlough calculator to our Reward Community. This allows you to quickly and easily model furlough arrangements and reduction in pay for your employees, so you can see the impact this will have on your business. 

Quick and Easy to Use

Because of the ever-changing landscape, we are seeing that furloughing is being done in tranches, and what was unclear when the first phase was completed is clearer now. Our furlough calculator gives you the ability to go back and run the numbers of the first tranche as well as planning for the next, providing you with valuable insight.

We want to take the pain out of managing calculations by giving access to a tool which does the numbers for you. It will also help you track and understand the impact of decisions in the short term and your next pay cycle.

Our tool gives Board-quality modelling to HR teams and helps them navigate through complex and evolving criteria. The furlough calculator is available via a free download below. As an Excel modeller it’s responsive and easy to work with, so you can get started straight away.

Access your FREE Calculator


We want to take

the pain out of

 managing calculations

  by giving access to a tool

     which does the numbers for you.


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Hapi is the fully customisable employee engagement platform transforming how organisations in the UK support and communicate with their employees.

Why choose Hapi?

  • You can stay in touch with remote and furloughed employees, even those without an email address
  • Hapi provides employees with a one-stop shop for employee benefits, company communications, and wellbeing services
  • Employees download the Hapi app to their device, so you can send push notifications direct to them… anywhere, any time
  • Our Engagement Executives drive exceptional adoption rates, giving you better ROI
  • Through the Hapi Hub, a management reporting tool, you have access to a wealth of MI and tools to streamline HR processes and evolve your communications.  

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Connect the unconnected with Hapi, our customisable employee engagement platform.

How does it work?

A one stop portal. Hapi can be linked to other systems, including existing HR software, Training & Development and even rota management. This gives your people access to a wealth of resources, whenever they need them, all in one place.

Listen. React. Adapt. Use Pulse surveys, our employee survey solution, to engage your staff and capture their opinions. Pulse surveys are housed within the Hapi mobile app, and results can be analysed live within the Hapi Hub. Drive high completion rates with email reminders and push notifications.

Communicate at every touch point. With so much you need to communicate, it can be difficult to cut through the noise. With Hapi’s multiple touch points and audience targeting, you can deliver the right messages, to the right people, at exactly the right time.

Your voice, our system. We provide built-in templates that can be easily tailored to meet your needs and designed to fit your brand. The system can be used for both regular and ad-hoc internal communications, as well as onboarding, training, news and announcements.

Find out how Hapi can help you to improve your employee communications.

Our Vision

To create a brighter future for the UK workforce.