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How to equally balance work and life : Personal Group

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How to equally balance work and life

19 September 2019

Posted on: 19 September 2019

Your step-by-step guide to a healthy work life balance.

Sometimes it can feel like all we do is work and that we never have any down time, which can massively affect our productivity. However, there are some simple ways that you can improve your work-life balance and help you to feel equally distributed again.

Setting Boundaries

One of the first steps to a better work life balance is being able to separate the two, which may sound simple, but for some can be a challenge. This can be done by having sperate phones and computers, as this allows you to separate when you’re working and when you aren’t, but even simple things like taking walks on a lunch break instead of staying in and only working in specific parts of the house can also help you to separate where your mind should be. These boundaries are important in telling our minds how to focus in different places.

Shutting off

This may sound simple but turning off social media or even just putting your phone on aeroplane mode can really help to equally separate work and life. This means you won’t be checking up on emails, colleagues, gossip and work. Although this can seem daunting to those who feel they need to keep up and have crippling FOMO, it is a vital step in creating a healthy work-life balance for yourself.

Managing energy

Rather than forcing yourself to push through periods of low-energy and little productivity, try managing your day depending on your energy cycle. These differ from person to person but knowing when you’re most in the mood to work and when you’re not is a good way of achieving balance. For example, leaving more mundane tasks to when you’re lethargic and higher skill tasks to when you have more energy makes you more productive, and gets things done quicker. You can then relax knowing you have been productive in the day while you’re not at work.

Designated timing

Balance doesn’t necessarily mean equal portions; it’s what keeps us afloat. Much like setting boundaries, it is important that we allocate time for certain things in order to keep the scales equal. This is made easily achievable by giving yourself timings for certain events, as this means you will avoid spending too much time on one thing and not enough on others. Depending on your schedule, designate hours to working, relaxing, self care and socialising.

These are only a handful of things you can do to improve your work life balance but can ultimately redefine your productivity and most importantly, your happiness.

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