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How to make the most of your Christmas, whatever you're doing

14 December 2019

Posted on: 14 December 2019

Christmas or not, this is a day you can use to reflect the past year

Regardless of religion, Christmas is undeniably magical, but I imagine that a lot of us – myself included – sometimes overlook the true meaning of this festive holiday. Because of this we came up with some ways you can revaluate the spiritual value of December 25th.

Give back

Instead of stressing about what to purchase this year, try giving back in a different way. Try volunteering, give money to support homelessness, create a Christmas shoebox or buy a charity based gift for someone. Not only will this help support some great causes who struggle especially this time of year but will help bring some good karma back to you. Especially if you don’t celebrate Christmas but still have the day off, consider using the time to do some good.

Be ethical

When it comes to Christmas we are guilty in getting caught up in the buying hype. We buy too much food and eventually throw it away; buy gifts for people we aren’t close to out of guilt and waste so much energy on decorative lights. We need to make more ethical decisions, both to save us money but to help protect our planet and resources. We can do this by setting ourselves limits, recycling things from previous years, giving leftover food to a nearby foodbank and thinking about what we need as a bare minimum.

Value loved ones

We should be appreciating the ones we love all year round, but especially during the festive season. This can be an especially difficult time for some for various reasons and we need to ensure that we remain supportive. Send a homemade card, make a phone call, send flowers or even invite someone round for a catch up, the little things can make all the difference.

Be grateful

This holiday is about much more than receiving gifts, but we should show gratitude regardless. Whether someone has kindly given you something, someone helped you or you are feeling particularly lucky this year, make sure you remember to be thankful. Once again, it can be an tough time for some so we need to be appreciative.

Below are some websites dedicated to helping others, and honourably work through the struggle of the Christmas period to help those in need. To donate, volunteer or help in any way that you can, please click below.

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