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Leading up to Christmas finances

25 November 2019

Posted on: 25 November 2019

Your go-to guide to smarter spending this festive season

As Christmas is fast approaching, we should remember that it isn’t all about spending money. Whether you celebrate Christmas or just use the extra bank holiday to spend time away from work, most of us feel pressure to buy extravagant gifts for the people we love which can make December a difficult financial month for many. This is a guide to helping you with your Christmas costs this year.


With the average UK family planning to spend over £800 on Christmas last year, it is no wonder that people feel pressure to go all out. But fear not – there are ways to get around this;

  • Only plan to buy things you can afford or opt for finance options months in advance
  • Avoid buying presents with no use or because you feel you must, it may sound harsh, but we need to banish the idea that we have to buy for the sake of it
  • Search for discounts before purchasing
  • Get involved in Secret Santa to avoid spending money on all your friends

Alternative gifts

Another problem with Christmas is the need to get unique gifts every year, which as you well know can be a gruelling task. With the ‘I bought them a notebook last year’ fear looming, we have derived some cheap, quirky things to get your loved ones for a switch up this holiday; 

  • Give to charity or adopt an animal under someone else’s name
  • Subscription box
  • Home-made vouchers for different activities like days out
  • Make a gift from scratch, such as hampers and jewellery
  • Exchange things with friends you both no longer need
  • Do some baking

Remember that for those who do celebrate Christmas, it is a time to share with your loved ones and appreciate the small things. Try this out this year, and see what a difference it makes.

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