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Loving Yourself This Valentine’s Day : Personal Group

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Loving Yourself This Valentine’s Day

14 February 2020

Posted on: 14 February 2020

It’s not just about having a significant other

For some, Valentine’s day is an extra day to celebrate the love you have for your partner, your family and your friends, but there are some people that for whatever reason find this day rather uncomfortable. Understandably, not everyone wants to celebrate a day all about love, but there are ways to make this day bearable, (and maybe even enjoyable) so we have come up with some things you can do instead.

Make plans – If you aren’t so happy with your own company on this holiday, then go ahead and make plans with someone! Distraction is one of the easiest ways to feel better when you’re struggling, and no doubt there will be someone you know that will want to hang out. You could do anything you want, but if you want to avoid the Valentines riff-raff, maybe try something more obscure. Go and see a comedy show, go to the cinema, or even stay in and have a movie marathon. Even more obscure, take up a new hobby together! Drawing, painting, musical instruments are great to do in groups.

Treat yourself – Any excuse to treat yourself is a good one. Go get that massage, that haircut or engage in some old-fashioned retail therapy – it’s self care! Not only will this make you feel great anyway, but it’s something you can do on your own or with others. Besides, no one said anything about not loving yourself on V-day.

Stay in – Of course, there is always the option to stay in if you don’t fancy leaving the house, and what better companion than your own bed? Watch a film, cook yourself a nice meal, or if you’re feeling like a treat order a take-away. Even better you could do a home workout meditate! There is absolutely no shame in getting under the duvet and treating it like any other day.

You time- Not just on Valentine’s day, but any day; making time for ourselves in whatever form makes us feel special. This can take shape in various ways but to name a few, you could unplug from social media, read a book, do some baking, have a bath or even just listen to music. If sport is your thing, go to the gym, build a new fitness regime or pop along to the golfing range and give it a go. Physical activity and fresh air can make the world of difference. Get a bunch of mates together and hit the go-carts for an afternoon of competitive fun. These things are all steps towards regaining balance and de-stressing.

Regardless of how you decide to commemorate February 14th, remember that it isn’t just about having someone to share it with. Single, taken, or whatever your Facebook status defines you as – you can celebrate just as much as anyone else!



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