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Saving you money this festive season

16 December 2019

Posted on: 16 December 2019

It’s the most expensive time of the year

Regardless of whether or not you celebrate Christmas, it is definitely the most expensive time of the year. We have sought out some brilliant ways to save you some extra coins this Christmas.

Getting creative

Whatever age you are, most people will always appreciate time and effort put into making something from scratch. Take a leaf out of the queen of Christmas’ book – also known as Kirsty Allsop – and create everything from baubles to baked goodies. However, if you don’t want to make the present by hand, why not make the gift bag or card to add a personal touch? Not only will this save you money but will let you use that old craft kit that’s been collecting dust since 2007.

Be time wise

Instead of rushing to buy all of your presents at once, why not organise who you’ll see first over the Christmas period? If you aren’t going to see some family until early January, try buying their presents in the after Christmas sales, or even better yet, re-gift something that you won’t use that you received this year. This will not only save you time but will avoid overspending and encourage you to budget.

One man’s trash

It’s easy to get caught up in all the Christmas hype and ignore the point of giving presents. Christmas or not, try buying presents second hand off eBay or in charity shops, as this will not only save you money but will reduce overproduction and help preserve our environment.

In with the old

Not just at Christmas but all year round we convince ourselves that we need a new outfit for an upcoming event, but this isn’t the case. This may be a scary thought for some but allocate a day to have a clear out of your wardrobe and you will rediscover things that you thought went missing decades ago. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, maybe try revamping an old outfit to create something completely new! This also goes for decorations; before going and buying more, have a look at what you already have.

Hopefully these tips will help you save some money this Christmas. Even if you don’t celebrate, these tips can be used all year round for other celebrations you may have!

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