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Ten rainy day activities for kids

Posted on 14 August 2020


No need to worry if rain stops play – we’ve come up with ten brilliant ideas for indoor activities. Go through the suggestions, get inspired, and stock up on all the necessary components so that when the clouds roll in, you’re ready to go.

  1. Board games

It’s an oldie but a goodie – board games are a great source of fun for all the family. Check the age rating on games, and factor in things like each family member’s attention span and their level of interest in the theme or premise of the game.

  1. Make jewellery

Let kids design their own jewellery from a selection of beads or pasta shapes, then use a needle and thread to string them together.

  1. Dance/sing party

Turn up the music and boogie around the house. A great way to burn off energy for kids and plenty of feel-good fun for grown-ups as well.

  1. Jigsaws

The right jigsaw can keep kids absorbed for hours, giving you some much needed quiet time. Look out for jigsaws which feature things they’re interested in, like animals or cartoon characters.

  1. Make your own ice lollies

It’s surprisingly easy to make your own frozen treats. Kids can choose their favourite flavours to include, and it’s healthier than the shop-bought options. Get started with these simple recipes for sunshine or watermelon lollies.

  1. Read to them/audiobooks

Enjoy a book with your kids by reading together - silly voices and all. If you don’t have time to read to them, try an audiobook or podcast to keep the kids entertained.

  1. Make cards to send

Get out the art supplies and create greetings cards for the kids to send to their friends or family. A hand-made card is a lovely gift to receive and you can personalise them to the recipient.

  1. Make pancakes

Why limit the fun to Shrove Tuesday? It’s easy to whip up a batch of pancakes and let kids get creative with the toppings. Branch out from the classic combo of sugar and lemon, and try sliced strawberries, bananas or blueberries with chocolate sauce. Older children can have a go at flipping pancakes if supervised.

  1. Invisible ink spy game

Play at being a spy by writing secret messages in lemon juice, waiting for it to dry, then gently warming the paper in the oven until your message appears.

  1. Face painting

Crack open the face paints and get creative. Look online for ideas on how to paint a tiger face or pretty butterfly, or go spooky with a vampire or skeleton design.

We hope our ideas will keep cabin fever at bay over the summer holidays. Check out our article 10 ideas for summer fun with kids for activities to try when the sun shines.

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