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World Mental Health Day

Here’s how you can start looking after yourself

Mental health is a prevalent issue and is something that for a long time has been ignored. However, with having 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week in just England alone, it is important that we make looking after ourselves a top priority. This Mental Health day, we have decided to provide you with some tips and tricks so that you can better look after yourself, and how you can help others.

Learning to talk – Talking about how you feel can be difficult, but 99% of the time it is important that we do. However, sometimes we go about it the wrong way, and so in order to avoid problems further down the line, there are some tips you can follow. Making sure you talk to the right people who care and support you, making sure you pick an appropriate time, ensuring that you listen just as much as you talk and you let people know how to help you, are all important steps in communicating your problems effectively. This also leads to you being able to ask for help.

Keeping Active – Mental health and physical health are proven to be linked, but simply going to the gym isn’t going to cure you, unfortunately. The term keeping active doesn’t just refer to being physically fit, but embodies a healthy social life, a positive work life balance and an energetic contribution to society. These things are not only good for your mind, body and soul; but have the potential to improve the lives of others around you.

Be kinder to yourself – At some point we have all struggled with who we are, but in order to be kinder to ourselves and therefore kinder to others, we must accept ourselves. Accepting yourself for your flaws and dislikes takes a lot of work, but by repeating daily pos

Mental health should never be something to be ashamed of. Below there is a link to UK Helplines to support you whenever you need it, all in confidence.

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The Power of Happiness

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