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Preliminary Results & Final Dividend for the Year Ended 31 December 2021

Following 15 months of unprecedented COVID-19 related restrictions on the Group's ability to conduct new insurance policy sales, the Group was able to begin rebuilding the insurance policyholder book in the second half of 2021. This, combined with the significant strategic progress that the Group was able to make during the 12 months ended 31 December 2021, underpins the Board's confidence in the Company's growth trajectory and future prospect.

Financial Highlights

  • Group revenue at £74.5m (2020: £71.5m)
  • Adjusted EBITDA at £6.1m (2020: £10.1m)
  • Statutory profit before tax £4.3m (2020: £8.6m) in line with adjusted EBITDA
  • Basic EPS of 11.5p (2020: 22.1p)
  • Cash deposits of £22.9m, and no debt (2020: 20.2m)
  • Final dividend for 2021 announced post-period end of 5.3p per share making a full year dividend for 2021 of 10.6p (2020: 18.4p)

Operational Highlights

  • Significant new contracts secured with 86 new clients, including goods retailer Homebase, University of York and The Royal Mint, resulting in a record number of new clients signed across the Group in one year than ever before
  • Face-to-face insurance product sales recommenced in July 2021 with strong activity throughout H2 and high conversion rates for new policyholders
  • Continued expansion into Public Sector with 16 new client wins and opportunity remaining from the Group being on three Government frameworks
  • Launched Hapiflex, a more complex version of the employee benefits platform suitable for enterprise clients, winning significant clients within first few months
  • Offering to the SME sector with the Sage partnership continuing to show strong momentum

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