I started work working for Personal Group in October 2013, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. It has literally changed my life and I find it so hard to explain to people as it’s pretty unbelievable!

I did waitressing work before I got into sales, starting really early at 14 years’ old. When I turned 18 I did a summer abroad representing a bar. I loved it, however, I knew I had to grow up and get a real job. I came back I started selling gym memberships for a year.

My friend recruited for Personal Group at the time and put me forward to interview for the Employee Engagement Executive role. She told me it was fun company with a good salary and uncapped commission. She said they take you on holiday and you can get yourself a brand-new Mercedes… I was sold! I went to an interview which was a group interview at the time. We had to do group activities and basically outshine the other people in the room. After this, I had a one-to-one interview.

Luckily, I got the job and head down to Milton Keynes’s where I did my training for a couple of weeks. They taught me absolutely everything I’d need to know and made us feel confident before stepping out into the field. This support continued throughout my first few weeks in the field with my Manager closely watching me and helping me be the best EEE I could be. They constantly give me feedback I’m and still learning things now. There’s no limit when it comes to this job. I improve on a daily basis!

I got into Premier League in my first year and continued to maintain it most of the time I’ve worked here. Being in Premier League has given me more commission and an amazing Mercedes. I’m luckily enough to have just ordered my second Mercedes with a bigger budget due to maintaining my Premier League status. 

Boy is this company fun! I’ve been to several race days and a Formula One day, I’ve been to Germany a few times and I’m going to Tokyo this year. The biggest holiday by far and the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my life was when I won a competition we call ‘Founder’s Treat’. I got taken on a private jet to the south of France where we stayed on a private yacht and lived the high life for weekend. That’s something most people only dream of and little experience, however, this company made that happen! I won the competition on work ethic and number of presentations. I knew I could do it as I just told myself I won’t go home until I’ve done more than anyone. It didn’t come easy however the reward was something I’ll never forget.

I can’t recommend Personal Group enough. 4 and a half years in I love what I do and think they’re the best company I’ve ever heard of.