I started at the Personal Group in May 2015; to say a job has changed my life is an understatement.

I went straight into full time work from school/ college. I could not wait to start making my mark in the real world. I wanted to be able to live the life my parents gave me, but got a huge shock: my telesales role wasn’t going to cut it. I then went into Sales and Marketing which I loved, but it still wasn’t enough. I developed the department, tripled their sales and made some friends for life… But it wasn’t what I wanted for my life.

So I sat back and thought about what I wanted to do… One of my friends worked for an employee recognition company, which gave her 12 presents every day on the run up to Christmas for 12 Days of Christmas and I thought to myself – “Yes. That’s it. Employee benefits.” So I googled it, Personal Group appeared and I applied.

I went to an Assessment Day, followed by an interview and shortly after I was offered the job. I wasn’t sold though. Living out of a suitcase and working across the country, Monday – Friday, didn’t quite tick any boxes for me. If it wasn’t for Wayne Jones (Regional Manager) stalking my phone, I probably wouldn’t of accepted the job. So thank you for that Wayne! And actually, travelling across the country and living out of a suitcase isn’t that bad at all!

I was told I could earn X amount of money, drive almost any car I want and go on paid holidays? My question to anyone is… Why would you not want this job? If you’re competitive, driven and a good craic… this job is for you.

Starting with the company was great. It was amazing to turn up and on your first week and be given a car, an iPhone and an iPad. It was like Christmas Day, but better! Training lasted 2 weeks, and I’ve made friends I still talk to now.

My first 6 months out on the field were not as expected. I’m highly competitive, money driven and very sales orientated… but I bombed. I struggled and I didn’t get to where I wanted to be. BUT I kept going until I made it possible. This job is all about mind set. Providing you are positive, nice to be around and willing to pull a shift; you will succeed. All of the stories I’d heard about earning all of this money became a reality.

I qualified for Premier League Quarter 1 2016 and I have been in ever since. I have earned more than double my best friend’s salary in 5 months. I have one quarter left of Premier League qualification and I can order my brand new shiny car (probably an Audi Q3, but don’t hold me to that, I change my mind a lot) and I’m on track for an all-expenses paid trip for me and my partner to New York.

This job really does change your life. The money, the experiences, the independence, the incentives and the friends you make. I would recommend it to anyone – why wouldn’t you want to earn loads of money, drive a nice car and go on holidays that you don’t have to pay for?? I know I would pick Personal Group again!