Wow… where do I begin on this intense and amazing journey I’m still on as I speak? Before Personal Group I was a Personal Trainer for around 7 years and took a career change moving into telesales. Coming from a self-employed background and being highly money motivated, I had the work ethic of ‘the harder you work the more you earn’. After a few years in telesales I wanted a new challenge and to cross over into a field sales working in different environments week in week out… Boy did I find that!

I stumbled across Personal Group advertising a field sales position that comes with a company car, iPad and iPhone, but most of all uncapped commission. After passing training school I was ready to get out into the field!

I qualified for Premier League in my first quarter which meant access to higher rates commission and best of all on track to picking a brand new car of my dreams. With so many amazing incentives running there’s always something to chase, which is what I love about Personal Group. The money is amazing and life changing, but I love the fact that the incentives make the job not all about the money…

The team I was in went on to win the John Ormond Shield, which meant we were treated to a 5 star hotel, concierge parking our cars, champagne and chocolates in our room followed by an incredible meal and evening entertainment! We also won another competition which meant we were treated to a fun day out skiing followed by an amazing night out with table service at one of Manchester’s top nightclubs.

The biggest competition I’ve ever came across or heard of in any company is known as ‘The Founder’s Treat’ – where the winners will be treated like a millionaire. When this year’s competition was announced I was like a dog with a bone! After long hard working days, I won Founder’s Treat. Words cannot describe the thoughts, money and attention to detail that went into this trip! Flying by a private jet to the south of France to a multi-million pound yacht with a full crew including top chefs that was ready to take us around Cannes, St Tropez and Monte Carlo. We were going from water sports in the beautiful sea to eating at the finest restaurants for the rich and famous to tables in the best night clubs.

What I found most incredible about this trip is the fact that the Personal Group owner Christopher plays such a part in this and is out there with you, which just goes to show how much you are valued and appreciated. When I look back before joining PG, if someone had said to me this time next year you will be debt free, driving a new Range Rover on the way to Cannes in a private jet I would have said “only if i win the lottery!” What I also love about Personal Group is that there’s always more you can do, there’s always personal progression and a fresh new Quarter around the corner keeping your feet firmly on the ground. This goes with one of my favourite sayings “never let success get to your head and never let failures go to your heart”. I’m now on to the next challenges which are qualifying for an amazing weekend in Berlin and for our yearly Convention in New York City (which I’m currently on track for).

Personal Group is a life changing company. But do not think this comes easy!! If you want things on a plate this job’s not for you. If you want short days and little sacrifice this job’s not for you. If you want take your destiny in your own hands and live the life you dream of then this job IS for you… but it takes hard work, resilience and whole heap of dedication! There will be times when you want to give up on your long day and it feels nothing is going your way… but choosing to dig in that little bit is what separates the great EEEs from the good. I like to call this “the beautiful struggle.”

Although it seems I have achieved quite a lot already as an EEE I still feel I have a lot to learn and look to progress further within the family. The reason I say family is because that’s how it honestly feels with Personal Group – from the support and love you get from everyone around you but most of all your Line Manager being there for you 24/7.