I completed my degree in International Business and Spanish at Sheffield Hallam University, then went to work in my dad’s insurance company as I had trouble finding a job. After working there for 4 months I realised that I wanted to see the world. I therefore packed my bags and booked a ticket to fly to Australia in 2 weeks, a bold and somewhat stupid decision I was told by my parents and friends. I had no idea where I was going in life and no idea what I wanted to do, all I knew was I wasn’t ready to settle down and get a full time job.I went to Australia and travelled – I had lots of adventures, met lots of people, and tried some seriously mental things. I survived in the outback, sometimes not seeing a single soul for days on end; it was just me and the open road. I then ventured onto New Zealand to see what that had to offer. It was there that I white water rafted, sky dived, did canyon swings and swam with dolphins. It was truly amazing and to be honest some of the best things I’ve done in my entire life. After nearly 6 months of travelling I decided I was missing my family and that I would surprise them by venturing home to see what adventures I could have there as well.

I got back and hit the ground with a bump! I moved back in with my parents and begged some friends to give me jobs so that I had money to survive. I ended up stacking shelves in Poundland and working as a barmaid in the evenings; I was working up to 80 hours a week with no days off for over a year. I progressed in both jobs to a Manager but I realised I wasn’t going to keep working like this forever.

It was then that a representative from Personal Group came into Poundland to speak to my staff. I let them get on with his job, but I avoided him for the whole day thinking he will just waste my time and try to sell me something. Eventually, he caught me slightly off guard and I said I’d give him 10 minutes; he explained that he didn’t want to tell me about anything that he was advertising or selling and he actually wanted to get to know me. I found this strange and thought he was more than likely from Undercover Boss. After a quick conversation with him assuring me that he wasn’t I listened to him.

After a conversation with his manager, I was invited to an Assessment Day a few weeks later. After the Assessment Day showing me all the perks of working for the company, the holidays, the company car, iPad, mobile phone and the commission I thought this actually looks like a dream job!

Training was intense and left little room for error. We had hard days, fun days and days where I thought “this job is impossible, the people that do the job must be amazing!”. After 2 intense weeks I had passed.

My first few days in the job were a struggle and it was with the help of my Manager that I progressed and developed. I remember thinking “I’m a graduate with a university degree I can do this”, I don’t give up and that’s the attitude I’ve had from the beginning.

My third day with the company I hit a personal goal of writing £1,000 in a day. After achieving this my attitude changed, I knew I had to succeed in this job and make it. I wanted the upgraded car, to go on convention to Singapore to qualify for Founder’s Treat (a millionaire’s weekend), Champions Weekend in Paris and I wanted to be number one in the company. This was my goal for 2013, I had similar goals in 2014 and this year also.

During my time with the company I have been on Convention to Marrakech and Singapore, Champions Weekend in Dublin and Paris, I took my dad on a millionaire’s weekend to Mykonos and I have received my car of choice – an Audi A5 Sport Back Quattro. I bought my house and was the number one executive in the company for 2013 and 2014. I have also written the most business for the company that an Executive has ever done in the history of Personal Group monthly, quarterly and yearly. I am currently undergoing a management training programme so I can hopefully progress in the company. I’m not someone who stands still and I like progression like most graduates. I am hoping to progress further within the company and help others achieve what I have done.

All of my goals have not been easy to achieve and I have had so many days where I’ve felt like giving up, however hard work, true grit and determination have always pushed me forward. I’ve only worked 2 weeks from home in the last 3 years and I’ve spent Sunday to Friday away from home every other week that I’ve worked – that’s tough for anyone. I’ve felt like giving up so many times but the people here make it for you and the wages help too. It’s very rare you that you work with others and it’s a job not for the faint hearted. You need to have fire in your belly and drive in your heart. Every day is always a challenge as every day brings something new, you have to be willing to adapt to working all hours, nights, days and sometimes both. Be willing to give everything 100% no matter how you are feeling. This job is like a rollercoaster ride, but if you want to fly high and achieve something Personal Group is definitely the place to be.

I’ve worked so hard and achieved so much as Personal Group has given me so many opportunities and I’m hoping that I will be given plenty more as well. It’s something I would recommend to anyone! It’s not the sort of job anyone can do – you need to have personality, a sense of adventure, drive, a willingness to listen and learn and a desire to want the best for yourself. But if you have these qualities you would be silly to miss the chance of joining Personal Group.

Do you have what it takes??