Group Account Executive

I joined Personal Group in September 2013, my first real job straight from university. A friend, now a colleague, introduced me to Personal Group and I haven’t looked back since.

Personal Group take pride in everything they deliver, from their products to their staff and I have felt valued as an employee from day one. The structure of the job itself is solid, they really do give you everything you need in order to go out in the sales field and do well. They then take you under their wing and teach you everything you need to know to becoming completely successful within Personal Group.

It was hard, very hard, at first but with the support and having your own focus to work hard and achieve your goals it is totally doable (and worth it). I now bring in enough money each month to feed my expensive shopping habit! I was also able to thoroughly enjoy and share with my mum, a mind blowing, all expenses paid, five star holiday to Marrakech. I have attended lots of incentive parties and met some really amazing people along the way. Most importantly, I still love every aspect of my job and I would recommend working for Personal Group to anyone who wants to work hard and lives a life that mirrors it.