Business Support Assistant

I work in Business Support as a Business Support Assistant. We do a wide range of things from statistical analysis work to organising inhouse events.

There are many things I enjoy about working for Personal Group, one thing would be its charitable side. Last year I was lucky enough to be chosen to go out to Africa to volunteer and experience the work Memusi do for the communities in Magadi and on the school that Personal Group have funded in Shompole. The whole experience was incredible, and I really feel blessed to work for a company who are willing to support others in such an amazing way. Another would be working with the team that I do, I really feel Business Support all work to the highest standard we can and it’s always nice to work with others that bring your moral up!

The biggest challenge I face in my role is trying to keep everyone happy, in line with the policies and procedures put in place. I must keep the balance of making sure every point is taken in to account and make sure the best outcome for all is achieved.

I have a couple of favourite memory’s, one being as mentioned earlier, the first time stepping out of the safari van in Shompole, Africa and hearing all the children sing us a welcoming song about Personal Group and knowing they can get a quality education because of Personal Group! Also, my first Quarterly Sales Meeting, I had only been with the company a few weeks. It was a January Quarterly Sales Meeting and we had the evening entertainment to run. I oversaw making sure everything was running smoothly. As I watched everyone on stage, having a laugh it was just one of those feelings you get, one of them “I really, really enjoy working here”. Everyone was in such a good mood. It goes to show, the company do live the “We have Fun” value, along with all the other company values.

My advice for someone new is, never be afraid to talk to anyone, no matter what position they are in within the business, whether it is a senior role or not. Everyone is always happy to talk to you and you never get the sense of anyone feeling more empowered than the other, everyone is down to earth, I can have the same conversation with anyone here.