Project Manager

When I had a call from Personal Group I’d never heard of them. Now I’ve worked here since November 2015 and originally joined as a Business Analyst.

I’d only ever worked for large businesses before, for example Barclays Bank which employs 120,000 people, and Personal Group at the time was a medium to large sized SME (just over 200 people) so I was somewhat apprehensive about what that would mean in the workplace. I had a vision of working in “The Office” alongside Ricky Gervais…

…and it can be a bit like that


What I would say about working for Personal Group is that you can’t come in to the business expecting to have a job description that covers everything you do and that’s all you do. The business is relatively small so this means that if you want to progress, you can get involved with everything and take responsibility for things that you might initially not know how to do, or might be way outside the remit of your job… but what this does mean is that there are opportunities to expand your skill set, and after a relatively small time in the business I am now a Project Manager.

When I joined I was almost immediately seconded into a project group of 3 which was responsible for making significant changes across the business, including rebranding the business into the format you see today. I’m still not sure about the yellow - My daughter thinks I work at Hufflepuff.

We work in a small enough environment that the business can operate in an entrepreneurial manner, things don’t always work, but more often than not they do and this makes Personal Group an engrossing place to work, there are always a million things going on, and there’s always something else on the horizon…

As an employee benefits company we have great benefits… I have a car, an iPad Pro and a high spec camera all through the business which I pay for monthly through salary sacrifice. And these are things that I couldn’t justify paying for outright as a single parent. I have a good work / life balance and although I’ve been offered jobs with a higher salary, I haven’t yet been tempted away. Something I’ve noticed since I’ve been here is that often when people leave to pursue other jobs, they end up coming back… moreover, there are lots of people who have worked here since before the Spanish Civil War* so all I can say is that it’s a good, informal, dynamic and fast paced place to work.

*that's not true… but there really are people who have been here since 1984.