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10 Good Reasons to Launch a Technology Benefit in 2018

Friday February 23, 2018


Posted on: Friday February 23, 2018

How Can You Improve Take-up Rates For Your Employee Benefits Programme?

Employee participation in your benefits and rewards programme is key for attracting, retaining and motivating the best people, and these tried and tested schemes are known to help engage staff within a broader benefits platform you may be offering.

Why not offer a truly exciting benefit?

A Home Technology Scheme enables you to offer employees the latest highly desirable products via a convenient salary sacrifice arrangement. Employees agree to sacrifice or ‘exchange’ some of their pre-tax salary in return for the Home Technology package of their choice, and make savings in National Insurance on the total amount sacrificed. This is an efficient way of providing employees and their families with the latest, desirable computing and technology products for use in their home.

1. Drives employee engagement

Our benefits have universal appeal – with access to the latest technology everyone wants. Clients report high demand, with staff getting excited about the scheme and reaping the benefits of getting brand new technology in a convenient, affordable way.

2. Low cost, low admin and easy to implement

There are no scheme set-up charges, we provide a full implementation service including a full suite of marketing materials, all at no cost to you. The schemes are also simple to administer for the duration of the benefit.

3. Real motivator – help recruit and retain your best staff

Exciting and motivational benefits make your organisation a good place to work and help you to attract, and keep, the best talent. Our clients typically report significant improvement in this area after launching our scheme.

4. Fits government agendas for digital inclusion & wellbeing

Our scheme supports national agendas for better digital inclusion and health and wellbeing. In a recent survey, over 70% of scheme participants reported improved IT skills, while over 88% said they could not otherwise afford to buy the technology products they needed.

5. Great range of products – a very popular benefit

Our schemes offer the latest technology everyone wants such as the latest tablets, laptops, smartphones or smart TVs from the biggest names such as Apple, Samsung, HP and more – there’s something for everyone in our extensive product range.

6. Easy to implement – no lengthy procurement

We’ve been providing schemes for over 10 years and our extensive client list includes organisations across both private and public sectors. We’re also on the latest national frameworks which simplify the public sector procurement process.

7. Promotes health and wellbeing

Technology can help provide motivation towards a healthy lifestyle and fitness wearables have become ever more sophisticated in helping attain and maintain goals. Our schemes can help you promote a healthy lifestyle and better work life balance.

8. Compliant with latest HMRC legislation

The rules and regulations for salary sacrifice were updated in the Finance Bill in 2017, and our scheme is fully compliant with these, having successfully gone through HMRC clearance. The scheme is simpler than ever for both employers and employee.

9. Cost neutral schemes

The scheme is cost neutral to run for all organisations, who also benefit from our fully managed service at no cost. NHS employers in England and Wales also still enjoy pension contribution savings at just over 14%.

10. Easily integrated with benefits platforms and hubs

Most employee benefits are part of a bigger rewards package and ours is easy to manage and integrate with the latest employee benefit platforms and hubs – from simple links via intranets to full 2-way ‘single sign on’ authentication.

Let’s Connect specialise in the implementation, management and delivery of technology employee benefit schemes. Their scheme offers employees the opportunity to access brand new technology from leading manufacturers, saving in National Insurance and spreading the cost, purchased through a convenient and affordable salary sacrifice arrangement. Employees choose from a wide range of technology including the latest iPad, tablets, computers, Smart TVs, mobile phones, games consoles, digital audio, fitness wearables and much more – all ordered through a convenient online portal and delivered direct to their homes.

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