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Business resolutions for 2016

Friday January 01, 2016

Posted on: Friday January 01, 2016

What are our business resolutions for 2016?

All of us here at Personal Group are sure that 2016 will be a very exciting year! I’d like to share a few business resolutions that we are using at PG that can be easily adopted for other businesses in order to make the most of 2016.

1. Set fewer objectives

It’s a new year with lots of hope and opportunity, so what people tend to do is ask ‘What are our objectives for the year ahead?’. And people spend hours pouring over strategy thinking about ‘what are we going to do’ and ‘how are we going to do it’. But the first resolution I have this year is: set fewer objectives. Employees are more likely to remember and buy-into objectives if there are only a couple. For the last few years we have galvanized ourselves around no more than four objectives. That gives the company great clarity and focus on what we should be doing whilst keeping them meaningful.

2. Make your objectives public

Having set the three or four objectives, make them public. Make sure they become part of the vernacular. Bring them up during reviews, bring them up during monthly get togethers or team meetings to keep them fresh in the minds of your workforce. Once you have set fewer objectives you can really start to bring them alive.

3. Communicate more often with less stuff

In every single staff survey, communication tends to rank the highest as the one thing that companies need to do more of, or do better. Last year, instead of having a complicated internal comms structure, we simply got everyone in the business together (in around 3 or 4 groups) and gave them a 15-minute update every week. We just focus on what has come out of our senior management meeting or what is new that week. People appreciate the face-to-face so the more you can cram into those 15 minutes the better. It is fresh and it should feel exciting and dynamic. By keeping it to a maximum of 15 minutes staff won’t get bored.

4. Give the gift of time

This links in with objective number three. Every year we are getting busier. There are more things to do, more pressures on our time, more contactable through social media and mobile devices. It is very easy to allow time to run away. My resolution, from a business point of view, is to give more of my team the gift of time. Could be specific face-to-face time. Could be ensuring 1-2-1s are done each week. Could be ensuring your team have an hour a week devoted to just clearly emails. Trust me, the team will appreciate it. 5. Focus on wellness My fifth resolution is more of an aspiration. It is a time of year when a lot of people’s resolutions will be based around health - they will be thinking about overall wellness. Ensure that you use this time of year not just to focus on your discounted gym membership, but also the Employee Assistance Schemes that can help a lot when people need real help. The post-Christmas slump can take its toll on staff – make sure they feel physically and mentally supported.

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