Do you know how engaged your employees really are?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Our new report gives insight into employee engagement and translating this into business success

Employee engagement is a concept that describes the extent to which employees are emotionally invested in their work and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. An engaged employee is generally happy in their work, emotionally attached to their employer, believes in the values of their business in which they are employed, and most importantly, is more productive than their disengaged peers.

Employee Engagement isn’t all about keeping your staff happy (we wish it was that easy!). In the latest section of our Business of Engagement report, we reveal how employee engagement can drive external factors such as customer satisfaction, productivity and arguably most important, a business’s bottom line.

Read how some of the UK’s top business leaders and CEOs describe Employee Engagement and we think you might be surprised about the definitions they give.

From company evangelists, influencers of the customer experience, to those going the extra mile - all of these types of employees will not have a positive impact on your business unless you give them the recognition they deserve.

The report also gives insight into engagement and translating this into business success and how having happy, engaged and productive employees can ultimately improve the profits of a business.

Watch the accompanying videos to see what these business leaders and CEOs really think about employee engagement.

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