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Engaging employees who work flexibly and remotely

Thursday September 29, 2016


Posted on: Thursday September 29, 2016

How best to engage your remote workforce

Employee engagement is high on the business agenda, primarily because of its close links to staff motivation and productivity. Finding ways of increasing levels of engagement has become one of the biggest challenges for organisations with large numbers of staff, and in particular for those whose employees are working flexibly and remotely, including from home.

Care South is a leading provider of residential and home care across the south of England, with1700 employees working in over 21 locations, ranging from Devon to Sussex and including three large home care offices based in Somerset, Bath and Bournemouth.

Two years ago they began working with Personal Group to ensure they were not only providing a variety of benefits, including Childcare Vouchers, Cycle to Work, Hospital Cash Plan, and more recently home technology and smartphones offered through a salary sacrifice, but that all members of staff were aware of and understood the value of benefits being offered.

Director of HR Michael Peden said: “When you have so many staff working in different locations you need an effective way of communicating the employee benefits to them, and technology is definitely key. They don’t work at a desk, but most have home computers. We also see the use of smartphones as the way forward, and certainly we have had a lot of interest from staff in the new salary sacrifice smartphone option in their benefits offering.”

Personal Group has also produced a booklet for Care South employees that sets out in hard copy all the benefits that are available to them.

Michael added: “Getting the message across is an ongoing challenge, so we need to find innovative and inclusive ways of raising awareness about what is on offer, keeping it alive and fresh in their minds, which helps to ensure that they remain engaged and keen to make the most of their employee benefits.”

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