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Five engagement facts about Generation Y

Monday January 01, 2018

Posted on: Monday January 01, 2018

What are the best methods to engage the Gen Y aspect of your workforce

  1. Gen Y are the least engaged members of the workplace, with only 28.9% saying that they are engaged at work. With the lure of attractive offering from other talent-seeking firms, employers need to work harder to keep Gen Y on board, satisfied and productive. (Source Gallup 2015
  2. Gen Y are digital natives who are completely at ease with the modern wireless, connected world. As a result, they ‘expect the technologies that empower their personal lives to also drive communication and innovation in the workplace.’ (Source PwC
  3. Good communication between management and employees is key to engagement, and Gen Y want communication from the boss more frequently than any other generation in the workforce. (Source: Best Companies
  4. Work life flexibility and greater choice in terms of where and when people can work is a top employee engagement perk. Globally it is Gen Y above other generations who are likely to put a premium on being able to telecommute one or two days a week. (Source EY
  5. While they have been described by managers as needing more support and guidance in the workplace and being more difficult to manage than any other generation of workers, Gen Y are also cited as the generation most incentivised by reward and praise. (Source Cascade HR

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