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Go Green with Personal Group

Monday April 23, 2018

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Posted on: Monday April 23, 2018

It's really easy being green

With the introduction of the plastic bag charge back in 2015, the recent Earth Day on Sunday 22nd of April and the flurry of news around the ‘Latte Levy’, environmental awareness is back in the public eye. 

Due to this renewed focus on ‘going green’, companies are continually looking for new ways to become more environmentally sustainable. Not only do these practices help the environment but they can also aid in recruiting and retaining valuable talent and improving the organisations bottom line. Society is becoming more environmentally conscious, with Millennials and Generation Z not only using a company’s environmental efforts to determine purchase decisions, but also factoring it in when deciding whether to accept a job offer.

Positive changes can be small or large, but with the aggregation of marginal gains, every change has the potential to have a positive impact. Here at Personal Group we are working towards reducing our carbon footprint. We’ve begun automating certain processes and are moving towards becoming a paperless business. To reduce our consumption of resources we have introduced LED lighting in our head office and upgraded our buildings heating and cooling management system to increase efficiency and improve the employee environment.

We provide our staff with several eco-friendly employee benefits and services that we think can help your company too. Keep reading to find out how we can help your company get that little bit greener. 

Cycle to work

Get green and get healthy, reducing your staffs carbon footprint can also have a positive impact on their physical health with cycle to work schemes. Thanks to salary sacrifice schemes, there’s never been a better reason for your employees to ditch the car and use pedal power to get to work. Cycling to work is an easy and cost-effective way to reduce your overall carbon footprint that also has a real positive effect on your employees’ wellbeing. It saves them money and keeps them fit all through active travel. To get yours up and running we offer both the Evans Cycles and Halfords Cycle2Work scheme.

Online payslips

Make things that little bit greener for everyone by sending payslips straight to your employee’s mobile phone. Your employees don’t need paper payslips cluttering up their letterbox when there is a much simpler, paperless solution. With Hapi, employees can access their payslips through their benefits platform and app. This increases regular engagement with your benefits platform, drives usage of other employee services, reduces the cost and administration of posting hardcopy payslips and is all done on a fully PCI compliant and secure platform.

Online Surveys

What do your employees really think about your environmental policies? Do they think you should be making more of an effort to go green? Believe it or not, some companies are still sending out their surveys on paper! We can integrate employee surveys into Hapi meaning staff can give feedback at any time of the day through a paperless medium. Whether at work or home, staff can provide you with useful insights into what they are thinking about and how they are feeling, without the need to produce and distribute physical feedback forms. Get rid of the dreaded annual survey and the worry that not everyone will complete them, and target those based on the road, in the office or even at home with reminders from the app to complete the latest survey in just a few taps.


We also offer a 10% discount at the National Garden Centre, so why not incentivise staff to start their own nature project, veg patch or even build an eco-garden at work? This is just one of our 1000s of everyday discounts which can help your staff stretch their pay that little bit further. This includes groceries, fashion, travel, utilities, days out and even holidays.


There’s no corporate acid test to measure how environmentally friendly your company is but switching up your benefits offering by implementing a cycle to work scheme, paperless payslips or retail discounts at eco-friendly stores, can not only improve employee happiness and increase retention levels, it can also positively impact a company’s wider reputation.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch to see how we can help you get greener today!

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