How we helped Care South Recruit and Retain Staff

How we helped Care South Recruit and Retain Staff

Saturday, September 2, 2017

How we helped Care South staff work Hapi-er

Working in the Care Sector can be very competitive when it comes to attracting good quality, talented staff. Care South wanted to help recruit and retain the right people, so we introduced them to Hapi.


With 1700 employees over 21 locations, Care South wanted to make sure employees could access their benefits wherever they are. In this sector care comes first so staff may not always have free time to login and access their benefits during work hours. As a result they wanted a platform that staff could access both at work and at home. This is the beauty of Hapi, they can access the platform anytime, anywhere. Care South are aware of recruitment challenges and that the benefits offered to candidates can be a real help in attracting new talent.


Care South’s enthusiasm was contagious. Let’s Connect was a feature they wanted to bring in so staff could access Salary Sacrifice Home Technology. This doesn’t just mean staff can get their hands on the latest iPad, but it can also help to bridge the digital skills gap, so it’s a win win situation.  Introducing our HR Hub to Care South means that they can see how many people have registered, when they are logging on and what the most popular benefits are.


Since its launch, Care South staff are Hapi-er! The platform has been well received amongst staff and thanks to Care South being proactive, they are always keen to promote the latest offers and benefits available. So, what’s next? With Hapi up and running they are now working with us to find new features that will help streamline the benefits process even further. As well as more windows to promote Let’s Connect, it is clear that this is the beginning of something special!


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