Let's Get Healthy

Friday, January 1, 2016

Introducing Let's Get Healthy

At Let’s Get Healthy, lots of companies come to us asking for help with designing and delivering an effective health and wellbeing programme for their staff.

‘We want everybody engaged, absence to go down and don't want to look like we are the nanny state’ is a typical briefing.'

A more proactive employer, though, might request something more along these lines:

‘I want to build a programme that’s sustainable, helps us achieve the bottom line, fits in with our values and shows the staff we really care- it's about them not just us ‘

So, to reach that holy grail of a health and wellbeing programme, where do you start?

  • With your managers – get them onside and educated before you reach out to everybody else
  • Review your company values and give your health and wellbeing programme a matching personality, look and feel
  • It’s all about the people who make up your company, so set up working groups from different departments – they’ll ensure that activity is relevant and current, they’ll know what’s needed to keep the momentum going and also who they will need support from
  • Set your KPIs and understand where and how you can impact your bottom line
  • Do something effective and consistent across the whole company, rather than lots of different, disjointed activities each month that may be done half-heartedly

What will happen?

For a start, absence will go down and performance will increase, but if you can make a real success of it, it will be owned, valued and loved by your people. Happy 2016 from the Let’s Get Healthy team!

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