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Little wins can go a long way

Wednesday October 18, 2017


Posted on: Wednesday October 18, 2017

Simple ways to improve your Employee Engagement

Let’s face it, no employer is perfect. Companies can’t do everything to make their employees lives perfect. You might not be able to move their parking space closer to the building or significantly reduce their workload. Some organisations aren’t able to offer free lunches or let staff bring their dogs into the office - it isn’t always easy giving staff everything they want.

Luckily organisations have the opportunity to make their staff happier by offering them little wins that make a big difference. They don’t have to be revolutionary, just little things to make their lives that bit easier. We explore some simple ways for organisations to show they care, which in turn will help make staff happier, engaged and more productive.

Offer discounts where they matter

Discounts are a fantastic benefit to introduce to staff- after all, who doesn’t love to save a bit of money where they can? The key to making this benefit a success is to keep the discounts relevant. Not many staff will appreciate discounts off a balloon ride across the Serengeti and it is an exclusive benefit that will please only those lucky enough to afford such a luxurious holiday in the first place! eVouchers are a much more useful benefit that staff are bound to love. Allowing them to save on their weekly food shop or a family trip to the cinema is a little win worth having.  

Look after staff when they need it

Giving staff extra support when they need it most them is a fantastic way to show that you care about their wellbeing. This doesn’t have to be a massive initiative either, a small effort to help staff can make a massive difference. Instead of paying for everyone’s annual gym membership (a great thing to do if you have the budget to spare), why not hand out free wearable fitness bands to all staff? Kick start their fitness and gamify wellbeing.

It doesn’t end with physical wellbeing either. You may not be able to give everyone a pay rise, but you could implement a fair value loan programme or webinars to help employees learn how to make their pay go further. With wages dropping in real terms financial wellbeing is moving up the agenda for most employers. Mental wellbeing cannot be forgotten either and looking after employee’s mental health can be as simple as offering them access to an EAP which can support them in times of need.

Share the love

Reward and recognition programmes offer lots of little wins which can be especially effective for those with smaller budgets. It doesn’t have to be an annual awards ceremony either. Peer to Peer awards are a great way to get staff to recognise their colleagues. In the moment recognition is an easy way to appreciate the fantastic little things staff do every day. This means that all employees get a chance to shine! Thanking someone for always having a cuppa ready for you when you arrive at work, or someone who helps out whenever they can or even saying thank you for covering your shift helps create a positive working environment – making those happiness levels increase a little more each day.

Make it easy

The final thing your organisation can do to increase happiness and engagement without breaking the bank is to make life as simple as possible for your employees. Make your benefits and HR services easy to access. The easiest way to do this without blowing your benefits budget is to utilise the power of the smartphone! Chances are most of your employees will have access to their own smartphone and spend a lot of time on it too. Implementing an Employee Benefits and Engagement App will reach staff where you know they will pay attention. This is especially effective for staff who don’t have access to a company email address or spend a lot of time away from their desks!

All of these little wins add up and contribute to the biggest win of all... more Engaged Employees! Happy staff are good for business, they’re 12% more productive (Warwick University, 2014) and more likely to stay longer and work harder. If you take the time to offer useful benefits that you know will be appreciated by everyone, you are much more likely to have a happy, loyal workforce that could improve the productivity of your organisation.

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