Mental Wellbeing - The Business Case

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Why good mental wellbeing is good for business

With mental health issues very much in the public eye, there’s really no excuse for it not to be on your radar. However, some HR professionals are yet to understand how much mental health issues are affecting their workforce, or the potential ROI from implementing a good mental wellbeing programme.
While a company’s bottom line shouldn’t be the only reason for investment in their employees mental wellbeing, sometimes having a strong business case can help the programme get that extra slice of the budget.


Investing in a good mental wellbeing strategy is key for employee happiness, but it is equally as important to invest in their financial and physical wellbeing. If an employee is suffering in one area of their life it will often manifest itself in other areas. To ensure employees have access to all the help they need, you should consider implementing a truly all-inclusive health and wellness programme that acknowledges and supports employees at each point of the ‘triangle of wellbeing’.

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