OCS Drives Engagement through Hapi

Monday, January 1, 2018

OCS was developing a people strategy that put engagement at the forefront of the employee lifecycle. As part of this, they wanted to develop a new benefits environment and called on us to help.


OCS has a diverse workforce from pest controllers, to security officers and chefs. The staff range from 16-80 years old and from all walks of life. This meant that their employee benefits system needed to have a universal appeal for a diverse workforce.

Another issue with such a large, geographically dispersed organisation is to have the right technology platform to communicate effectively with all its employees, especially when all of their staff were not computer literate. OCS saw this as a challenge, but Hapi was the solution.


OCS wanted to offer staff a highly varied and flexible benefits programme to fall in line with their engagement strategy. The programme needed to include salary sacrifice, retail vouchers and discounts and e-payslips.

Ian O’Sullivan, Head of Reward, Pensions and Benefits explained that the high street discounts were a key requirement for their Hapi Platform. “Discounts are applicable to everyone from staff doing two hours a week to the CEO. No matter how much you earn, everyone likes to save money”.


The operational cost saving alone in 2016 on payslips will exceed £50k which would forecast a saving of over £150K to date. 8623 employees had registered on the benefits platform within the first 6 months.

There have been over 764,000 visits to the payslip zone within MyPAL and these are generated from over 26,000 individual users.

OCS have also introduced a News & Announcements feature to increase engagement by publishing information and new corporate offers to the platform so employees that may not have OCS email addresses won’t miss out.

They also supply regular content for Personal Group to send out to their employees to keep them engaged and informed through email communication.

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