Personal Group by numbers

Monday, March 14, 2016

Press release 17 June 2016

Personal Group has been supplying employee benefits and employee related insurance products for over 30 years

Currently over 2 million employees have access to our benefits across the UK. They are spread across our 450 strong client base.

Last year our benefits experts spoke face-to-face with 95,000 employees – that is a lot of conversations! Lets Connect, our home technology subsidiary, shipped 24,000 items of home tech including TVs, tablets and laptops.

When Personal Group was established back in 1984 we had 696 policyholders now we have 248,112, and 81% of claims are paid within 24 hours. Our staff numbers have grown too alongside our policyholder numbers, we have gone from 7 employees to 222!

Our iPad presentation continues to evolve and last year over 1,000 people days went into developing it further.

Aside from providing benefits Personal Group has a strong charity ethos and since Personal Assurance Charitable Trust (PACT) was set up back in 1993, we have donated £1.6m to charity.

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