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The End of Christmas Incentives

Wednesday November 21, 2018

Engagement | Benefits

Posted on: Wednesday November 21, 2018

Five easy ways to engage staff all year round

Reward, recognition and real-time are the three pillars of staff motivation. A reward that is some distant hope at the end of a month or year, and only received if the company target has been exceeded by xxx %, doesn’t have the same positive impact on staff morale.

So how can you tailor your reward and recognition system to ensure that you’re maximising the benefits on employee morale?

The right reward and recognition programme can have a positive effect on employee motivation, performance, communication, morale, and retention. This makes it one of the most valuable employee benefits to offer, but often one of the worst implemented. 

If you want more information on the business benefits of reward and recognition check out our blog or contact us below to find out how we can help improve your employee experience. 

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The Power of Happiness

Our business is built on one simple fact: happy people are more productive at work.

We believe providing a great employee experience is the key to unlocking happiness. When people feel like they make a difference, they do.