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The Happiest Country in the World

Tuesday December 04, 2018


Posted on: Tuesday December 04, 2018

Who has the ultimate secret to employee satisfaction?

With 45% of staff regularly losing their temper at work, we need to target our efforts into making work a better place. According to a survey conducted by the Universum Global Workforce Happiness Index, Denmark has been ranked the happiest working country in the world. Surveying over 200,000 professionals, in 57 different markets, this study was able to get a true representation of the level of satisfaction in the global workplace. Here are the primary reasons why Denmark has been ranked the happiest, and what you can do to make your work life better.

Firstly, they hold a widespread sense of togetherness. Part of their emphasis on a healthy work-life balance, they encourage their employees to go home around five in order to have an evening meal with their families. Staying later than this is very out of the ordinary and working on weekends is almost unheard of. At work, business negotiations tend to take place at lunch instead of dinner, even so, long business lunches are an uncommon occurrence. Encouraging time away from work is believed to aid happiness in and out of the office.

According to happiness expert Meik Wiking, the large consumption of indulgent foods in Denmark equates to a rise in overall levels of happiness. His commonly used phrase ‘hygge’, has no direct translation, but it can be loosely defined as anything that brings joy. Wiking says, that ‘Hygge is about being kind to yourself — giving yourself a treat, and giving yourself, and each other, a break from the demands of healthy living’.

Also known as the ‘hygge headquarters’, home is understood to be where the root of the happiness starts. The Danish have very stylish design taste, and so it is no shock that they pride themselves on their home furnishings. Marie Kondo’s bestselling book in 2014 encouraged people to declutter their homes and create what the Danish call ‘hyggekrog’ - a specific place of comfort within your home. The Danish also believe there is a certain importance to light, and encourage candle burning to create a hyggelig ambience. Danes on average burn 13 pounds of candle wax a year per capita, which is more than any other country in the world. As taking work home is discouraged, the Danes can enjoy their home as a place of refuge, allowing them the time and space they need to recover from what may have been a stressful work day.

It seems that the people of Denmark are happiest at work because on average, they have very good working environments, complete regular employee satisfaction surveys and take a real interest in their profession. Danes highly value their spare time, and often live close to their workplaces so that more time can be spent at home and with family.

With the encouragement of a healthy-work life balance, a flexible and kind working attitude towards your employees, and employee reward schemes; the idea of getting up for work doesn’t have to be so daunting.

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