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The real value of employee benefits

Wednesday May 05, 2021

Posted on: Wednesday May 05, 2021

In HR we talk a lot about the ‘big picture’ value of employee benefits – how they can help employees be happier, healthier and ultimately more productive. But sometimes it’s insightful to find out from individual employees what their benefit package means to them.

This week we’d like to share the experience of a Personal Group customer with one particular benefit, OnDemand GP. 

Online GP spots stroke just in time

Jo* is a Practice Administrator for an SME in Glasgow. Her employer recently signed up for employee benefits powered by Hapi for their c.30 employees, providing an Employee Assistance Programme, 24/7 online GP appointments, and retail discounts.

One weekend Jo’s husband Andy* seemed confused and felt so tired that he spent two days in bed. Jo contacted her usual GP, but the next available appointment was in 12 days’ time.

She accessed the online GP instead and booked a same-day appointment. The doctor assessed Andy and told Jo to take him to hospital immediately with a suspected stroke, which was later confirmed by a CT scan. Andy spent a week in hospital but is now back home and recovering well.

It’s not surprising that the couple didn’t realise Andy had suffered a stroke since he presented with unusual symptoms. If they had not been able to see a doctor so quicky, the outcome could have been very different.

Jo commented:

“I’m so glad my family has quick access to online GP appointments. We had literally signed up only a few days before Andy fell ill. We all know the NHS is under extra pressure because of COVID-19, but I’d encourage other people to still seek help if you need to. We’re sharing our story in the hope that it might save a life.”


*names have been changed to protect privacy.

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