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Three Ways to Engage Seasonal Staff

Thursday July 12, 2018

Engagement | Communication

Posted on: Thursday July 12, 2018

From the retail and leisure industry, to insurance and finance, all businesses may find themselves employing seasonal or temporary staff at one time or another.

The engagement of short term workers in any business can be a huge challenge for HR departments. Even if your temporary employees start out engaged, it’s not uncommon for the short term nature of their tenure to affect their engagement levels, commitment to customers or their belief in the employer brand and company values. Before long this can take its toll on staff engagement levels. 

Although it might seem strange to invest in employees who will soon be leaving you, their engagement levels matter to your businesses bottom line, so it’s important to keep them just as engaged as your long-term employees. 

Here are 3 ways you can engage your seasonal and temporary workers:


It is important to keep your communication methods diverse when looking to engage short term employees. A single method might prove inaccessible for temporary staff, such as an e-newsletter when they haven’t been set up with a company email address.

Consider posters, leaflets and even push notifications from a mobile engagement app. Push notifications are often able to be tailored to specific employees, which is great for targeting shorter term workers who may need to receive different news and benefits to your longer term or permanent employees. Because, lets be honest, seasonal staff aren’t going to be engaged with updates on paternity leave and pension offerings, but this information is vital for permanent staff. Conversely by having access to some staff perks, temporary staff can instantly feel more valued and committed to their employer, however short their contract may be.

Reward and Recognition

Employee recognition is a key tool for increasing employee engagement, but recognition is more than sending generic messages of thanks. When it comes to seasonal staff, the best method of reward and recognition is peer to peer focused. 

Frequently an individual’s hard work is first recognised by a team member rather than management, and temporary staff might not be around for the next quarterly awards ceremony to be recognised for their hard work. In the moment recognition is an easy way to appreciate the fantastic little things staff do every day. 

Learning and Development

Formal learning opportunities are a great way to engage all staff and show them that you care about their personal and professional development. Whether you have a speaker come to the office, or you run workshops during lunch breaks, make sure that these opportunities are available to all staff. Even better, ensure that resources are accessible after the fact for those who may have been absent or working remotely at the time. Informing and encouraging remote and temporary employees to engage with these resources is key, especially when these can be completed in their own time.

Ultimately, just make sure to give all staff the same access to company news and announcements, as well as plenty of recognition for their hard work, whatever their employment status. Help staff learn and develop by making learning available to them in a way that is accessible to all. It’s as simple as that. By starting to change the way you view temporary and seasonal workers, you will achieve far greater engagement and productivity from their time with your organisation.

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