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Time savings tips for small HR teams

Monday March 06, 2017


Posted on: Monday March 06, 2017

Top time saving tips for small HR teams

We all know that the HR team is vital to any business regardless of its size. It has recently been revealed that UK workers trust Google more than their HR Team but there is little understanding as to why this is the case. Could it be that HR Teams are too busy? Perhaps they are feeling pressure from so many parts of the business they just don’t have the time spare to sit face to face with staff. Our very own HR and Training Assistant Jenn has compiled her top time saving tips for small HR teams to make sure there is plenty of time in your day to make time for your employees.

1. Communication is king

Even in a small team it is important that you check in to make sure everyone knows who is working on what. Not only to help manage projects better but also to give you the chance to offer support to those who may need it most. Face to Face always works well with us and we have weekly huddles to check what is going on in the week ahead.

2. Messy desk = messy head

Organisation is key when you are responsible for a variety of tasks which is likely to be the case when part of a small team. Each task is as important as the next, so staying on top of where you are with everything is key to keeping things rolling and reputations high. Whether it’s post it notes, to do lists or taking advantage of the task tab in your outlook, take 5 minutes out of your day to check up on where you are with things. You can’t always retain every bit of information you hear and it can be daunting when you can’t see your desk through the paperwork, so do what you can to help yourself out.

3. Time Management

As well as organisation, effective time management is important in any HR Team. Setting smaller deadlines within the bigger goals really helps to keep on top of the bigger picture rather than leaving things to the last minute. Every day is different in HR so you need to be prepared for the unknown. Remember though, setting goals is one thing, sticking to them is another.

4. Know your strengths

As much as we like to think we can, sometimes we can’t keep on top of every task everything ourselves, so you must remember it is ok to ask for help when you need it. Our team is so supportive and understands that we all need to work together to get the job done. Using everyone’s potential helps us provide the best service possible!

5. Yes means more

As much as you want to, you don’t always have to say yes. When you have a deadline, the pressure is on and your To do list is multiplying by the minute, take a step back to think. If you say yes, are you prepared to take on the extra work and still make sure you deliver quality results? Sometimes it is better to say no than let people down or reduce the standard of work! Always remember you are only human, use the resources around you and remember you will never be able to retain everything.

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