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Wellbeing for all - How to ensure your wellbeing offering caters for all members of your workforce

Wednesday August 07, 2019

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Posted on: Wednesday August 07, 2019

Does one size really fit all?

Employee wellbeing can be tricky, especially when catering for such a diverse workforce. However, by following these simple tips, you can ensure that your wellbeing offering will not only cater for all your employees but will benefit them greatly.


When it comes to employee wellbeing, the key is making it accessible, which in turn means making things available to everyone. It’s all well and good offering discounts on expensive holidays and high-tech, but most people won’t necessarily be able to have this for various reasons. The point of employee wellbeing is making people’s lives easier, and so things as simple as making their everyday tasks more bearable will encourage them to use what’s on offer. For example, offering supermarket discounts or free cinema tickets are considered small in the grand scheme of things, but these can make the biggest difference and make standard living much easier.


It should come as no surprise that making something that caters for everyone has to be diverse, but this is often over complicated. People seem to often get confused between range and niche, which stems from the point of accessibility, and they therefore only keep a very specific section of their workforce happy when the others are offered nothing at all. This goes back to the content you provide, your products and your message - which ultimately defines how inclusive your company really is.

Generation consideration 

When trying to make an employee package to suit everyone in your business, you must consider the composition. Looking at the different age groups that make up your company is a good insight into what sort of benefits you could be offering. For example, if you have a large number of Generation Z employees, then maybe you should consider having a higher volume of technology and high street discounts. However, if you have a higher composition of Baby Boomers or Gen X’s, then you could potentially look into offering more flexible working options, more holiday or even discounts on experience days.


Probably the most important of all, your offering needs to be easy to use. Variety and accessibility are qualities that a good wellbeing offering should have, but unless there is an easy to use platform in which this can be accessed, then everything else falls apart. This platform needs to be a similar (if not the same) user experience for all devices, and should be simple to use. After all, how can you cater for all if you have only designed your benefits to one ‘typical employee’?

If you would like to learn more about how to engage your multi gen workforce, communication or employee wellbeing, check out our other blogs or book a demo today!

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