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Why Training Leads to a More Productive and Engaged Workforce

Monday September 17, 2018


Posted on: Monday September 17, 2018

Maintaining a productive and engaged workforce is one of the main challenges facing business leaders today. At HowNow we believe the solution lies in promoting constant and proactive learning within your organisation. We are an educational software company that enables you to host and deliver engaging training online to your employees. The benefits of providing engaging training include:

Employees Feel Valued

There is no better way than making your employees feel valued than investing in their personal development. Believe it or not, although they should feel entitled to training, many are surprised when it is offered. This is because although companies claim to offer personal development opportunities, very few invest in the constant learning and development of their workforce beyond the scope of their role. Many employees have to push for the additional resources if their managers don’t deem it absolutely necessary to their day to day duties at this moment in time. Providing your employees with opportunities to learn through interactive and engaging courses (both internal and external) will result in a positive ripple effect through your organisation. You may have seen in a previous PersonalGroup blog post that a “study found that happy workers created a 12% increase in productivity, while unhappy workers were 10% less productive than the norm.”

Happy employees are clearly directly linked with a successful and productive company. So make sure you are turning those frowns upside down! Training plays a crucial role in feeling valued, which in turn leads to employee happiness.

When an employee joins a company, they always expect to learn more on the job and develop a breadth of knowledge as a result of experience gained from their role. However, by providing the additional training you are adding another route for your employees to develop themselves further.

So in summary, invest in the learning and development of your employees, both professionally and as individuals. This will result in them feeling more valued.

Positive future outlook for your employees

Retaining good people within an organisation is a great challenge facing many businesses. We have moved away from the years of staying at a company for the majority of our lifetime. The workforce of today and tomorrow are moving more regularly between companies in search of career growth and job satisfaction. For example, my mum worked in the same hospital for 20 years, my dad had maybe 3 different companies he worked for and now I am likely to have twice that amount as a dreaded ‘millennial’. So how does training work towards your company's retention goals?  At HowNow we have found that one way to ensure your employees envision a long and happy future at your organisation is to help create a clear path for progression. Through offering a learning and development program that is aligned with your employee's career goals, you can ensure that you are extending their stay within your organisation. The key to retaining good people is to enable constant learning, development and progression. This is why we have worked hard to ensure the learning platform we have built not only empowers employee learning but also encourages the sharing of knowledge. Should an employee decide to leave, at least with the knowledge sharing culture you have adopted within the business will mean that expertise has not be lost but rather has been distributed among other existing employees.

Increased engagement

Training leads to increased engagement. Your employees are naturally likely to feel more invested in their work and feel like they are making progress as a result of participating in internal training.

With HowNow you can create really engaging courses. When I say engaging, It can feel like you are actually in the room with your employees.  HowNow enables you to conduct training through a virtual classroom. This means you can host live classes with an interactive whiteboard or webinars online. As HowNow is an online service provider, you can ensure you are delivering content in multiple formats such as videos, audio, text and much more. By offering training online you can ensure your remote workers can still have access to training and development. Remote workers are often neglected because they are seen in the office day to day. However, if you invest in an online training solution you can guarantee that they will not miss out on training and development opportunities.

Better Communication Between Teams

Whatever size your company is, one always hears there are issues with communication between team members or departments, which can lead to inefficiencies in the business.  Training can be a way to address some communication issues among teams. You can utilise your existing employees who have the various expertise to create online training courses. When other employees in the organisation take these courses it will help build relationships between departments and roles.  This will lead to better communication and collaborations between departments and teams. Increasing the knowledge sharing culture in this way has a direct positive impact on employee engagement and productivity.

Increase Employee Wellbeing

Demand and expectation for employers to support employee wellbeing are increasing.  There has been a rise in the benefits that employers are now offering their employees. Have a look at how the Personal group can help manage your employee benefits and ensure they are making the most of what you offer them.

Training can increase wellbeing among employees as well. For example, you could hire an external expert outside the organisation to provide training to improve the wellness of your workforce such as a nutritionist, yoga teacher or meditation teacher. This is a great way to keep employees productive and engaged

As you can see training has many wonderful benefits it can offer your company. So it's worth the investment to create a highly motivated and productive workforce. If you wanted to explore HowNow as a platform for offering online training, then you can book a demo here.

Author Bio: Chloe works at HowNow in Social and Content. HowNow is an educational software platform that allows businesses to train employees by hosting their own online school where they can create courses for all manors of needs. It is the next generation of eLearning and training. It enables, mobile, engaging and interactive training for businesses of all sizes.

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