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Why Your Workers Just Aren’t Happy

Thursday September 27, 2018

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Posted on: Thursday September 27, 2018

How can you make work happier if you don’t know why people are unhappy?

Here at Personal Group, we understand the power of happy employees. However, our latest research shows that that 56% of employees aren’t happy in their current employment.

Mark Scanlon, Chief Executive Officer at Personal Group believes that: “Front line workers are the engine room of the UK economy, and if we can more to engage and excite these workers, the results could be phenomenal.”

Of course, there are many reasons why people could be unhappy at work, but we are going to take you through what we, at Personal Group, believe are the main culprits. Once you’ve tackled the big three, you’ll be well on your way to happier, more engaged employees.

Lack of Recognition

The first, and probably most common; lack of recognition. In any part of life, lack of acknowledgment is disheartening. This will ultimately lead to lack of effort, lack of care and overall decrease in productivity. When you recognise and reward a high level of service, you encourage employees to repeat these actions, creating a happier and more productive workforce.

The easiest way to quickly implement a reward and recognition system for your employees is by utilising an automated peer to peer system. Automated systems allow managers and co-workers to say thank you for a good deed, which may have gone unnoticed by members of senior management, almost instantly. Whether the reward is financial, an internal announcement or simple thank you, having the ability to instantly recognise your colleagues, and receive recognition for your own work is a great boost for staff happiness. Additionally, this instant recognition decreases the likelihood of a good deed being forgotten by the time bonus season comes around.

Lack of Remuneration

The second however, is lack of remuneration. The fact is, many workers are unhappy with their salary, and understandably feel uncomfortable voicing these types of concerns.

It’s not always possible to simply increase an employee’s salary, but something as simple as discounts can be a fantastic benefit to introduce to staff. The key to making this benefit a success is to keep the discounts relevant. eVouchers are a much more useful benefit that staff are bound to love. Allowing them to save on their weekly food shop or a family trip to the cinema is a little win worth having. 

A Bad Work-Life Balance

Very importantly, a lot of people are unhappy because they don’t have what is considered a good ‘work-life balance’. It is important to be happy in and outside of work, and this can be achieved more easily by having a balance between the two. Even things like taking time to go to the gym or going to the cinema can be the first step in balancing your work life and leisure.

However, flexible working is a benefit that is regarded extremely highly by many members of our current multi-generational workforce, as there is more of an emphasis on creating a better work/life balance.

It is important that employers pay attention to staff happiness, aside from the business benefits to happy staff, it’s simply just the right thing to do. 

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The Power of Happiness

Our business is built on one simple fact: happy people are more productive at work.

We believe providing a great employee experience is the key to unlocking happiness. When people feel like they make a difference, they do.