We unveiled our best ever benefits and rewards package for our 250 UK-based employees.

It is not always possible to increase everyone’s wages, but there are things you can do encourage your employees to stick with you through 2018.

We've launched an ROI calculator that calculates how much money you could save by implementing an employee services programme.

How much could your business save?

Personal Group, a leading employee benefits provider, has today launched an employee services ROI calculator on its website which calculates how much money a company and its employees can save by implementing a bes…

We take a deeper look at studies to identify whether or not people really should care about the impact of CSR on business.

An insight in to the work we do with the Memusi Foundation in Kenya

Let’s face it, no employer is perfect.  It isn’t always easy giving staff everything they want. Read our top tips to improving Employee Engagement.

EAP provides must-have mental healthcare for UK employees. Read more.

An employee earning the UK average salary could see an equivalent of a 13% pay rise if they were to realise some of the employee benefits most relevant to them.

The happier your staff are, the more engaged they will be. So surely it makes sense to embrace technology and incorporate it into your engagement strategy?



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