Find out how to reduce absenteeism in the winter months and keep your staff happy and engaged at work.

We explore how to make sure your staff are engaged and happy at work after returning from time off.

Find our four simple ways to make your staff happier, more engaged and more productive at work.

Find out how Personal Group worked with Euro Car Parts to help their remote staff become more engaged at work.

Find out how Personal Group thinks the UK can become more productive than France, the USA and Germany

Sage is partnering with Personal Group Holdings Plc  to launch a new employee engagement product designed for the SME market.

Increasing levels of engagement has become one of the biggest challenges for organisations, in particular for those whose employees are working flexibly and remotely.

Here are five key areas of business where working flexibly is delivering valuable benefits.

Flexible working is now the most coveted part of a benefits programme, a fact that the most switched on companies have known for some time.

Oxford Bus Company brought in Personal Group to help attract and retain drivers.



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