Metsa Group used people + technology to increase engagement

Metsa Group used people + technology to increase engagement

Metsa Group had not reviewed their Voluntary Benefits for a while and staff morale was low.  When Metsa Group felt it was the right time to re-engage their staff they called us in.


With 500 staff (predominantly male) with an average age of 45+, Personal Group was challenged with developing a programme that engaged everyone. Metsa Group’s HR Team had felt their existing programme was stale and wanted to inject some life into it to increase engagement as well as encourage employees to use their benefits online.

It was clear that Hapi was the answer. We not only faced the challenge of building the platform, but also the challenge of delivering a successful strategy that would drive engagement.


Accessibility was critical to Metsa. Some employees were not tech savvy, but were used to using laptops, tablets and smart phones so we ensured that staff could easily access their benefits. However, two thirds of the workforce don’t have regular access to company computers or laptops and so there was still a need for printed collateral.

We worked with Metsa Group to send out emails before the launch and created a benefits newsletter. Communications were then placed on noticeboards in the production areas and canteens.


Once live, our teams visited every member of staff to run through a presentation on how the site worked and helped people get registered.

As a result 41% of the employees were activated within 6 weeks of the launch. There has been a spend of over £38,000 and savings of £2,600.

Since its launch Metsa Group staff have loved the new benefits available to them.  They will now continue to work with us to encourage employees to access Hapi so that they can make the most of their Employee Benefits.

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