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Yusen Logistics

Personal Group helps Yusen Logistics become "Better Connected"

Yusen Logistics looks to Personal Group to create an exemplary workplace that connects and protects employees

Yusen Logistics' mission is to become the world's preferred supply chain logistics company, driven by its vision to better connect people, businesses and communities. Success has created a hugely diverse company, with 15,000 employees — supporting clients in sectors that include aerospace, food and healthcare — across 16 European countries.    

Engage, assure and unify

Around 1,400 people work for Yusen Logistics in the UK alone, in environments that range from remote facilities and large warehouses to the open road. Staying true to company values that aim to keep employees "connected, committed and creative" is a priority — and a challenge.

Yusen Logistics partners with Personal Group as its employee engagement services provider to create an exemplary workplace. Objectives are ambitious, with investment in employees to: Engage — in real-time and embed a meaningful rewards and benefits culture; Assure — with in-work protections that build peace of mind; and Unify — to create a holistic, 'whole employee' approach.

Employee investment — engage

While many of Yusen Logistics' employees can't access a computer, virtually everyone owns a smartphone. Personal Group harnesses this connectivity through its 'Hapi App' — tailored specifically to Yusen Logistics' needs and named 'Everyone Benefits'.

Launched in 2017, the app connects the unconnected by bringing staff the whole benefits offering — anytime, anywhere. Content includes pensions, holiday forms, job opportunities, thousands of discounts from major retailers and insurance products, such as hospital plans and death benefits.

Now, a warehouse colleague in Avonmouth and a driver working from Glasgow enjoy the same engagement as a desk-based logistics planner at the company's Northampton HQ.

Employee investment — assure

Beyond connectivity, Yusen Logistics offers a range of benefits designed to protect the unprotected and bring greater levels of assurance.

Employees can now opt for insurance that covers everything from hospital stays, to convalescence or, should the worst happen, financial support in the event of a death. Benefits come at an affordable monthly cost ─ often less than the price of a cup of coffee per week.

Critically, employees can meet with Personal Group specialists at regular onsite events to discuss and select the support that best suits them.

Employee investment — unify

The ‘Everyone Benefits’ app unifies Yusen Logistics' business. In the past year over 70% of the entire workforce has downloaded the app, logging in over 38,000 times. And employees appreciate enhanced protection. Since inception, more than 3,000 individuals have taken out in excess of 5,000 policies to protect themselves and their families. 

Rebecca Heap, Reward Manager at Yusen Logistics explains: "Everyone Benefits brings our people together and unifies the business. Combining tech and human approaches, employees see our commitment to them, are better protected and feel part of our corporate family. Meanwhile, we gain greater insight and manage costs. Personal Group helps us to ensure that every employee is committed, connected and creative - making Yusen Logistics the world’s preferred logistics partner.”

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