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Deborah Frost, Personal Group Chief Executive Statement - We are Protecting our Policyholders

Wednesday April 15, 2020

Executive News

Insurance companies sell stability, and peace of mind. Now is the moment for insurance companies to prove themselves. Whereas some insurance policies have pandemic clauses in them, Personal Group has been covering COVID-19 on all its insurance plans and has introduced new arrangements to protect the unprotected. In response to requests, we have also developed an emergency employee protection plan, allowing all employers to give peace of mind to employees by covering their entire workforce with hospital cover and death benefit plans.

Among several other changes made to support our clients, we have also made it as easy as possible for policyholders to make a claim by clearly signposting the required information on our website and ensuring our team are ready to process claims in the normal timeframe.

I find it incredibly sad hearing stories about insurance companies finding loopholes in the small print. Our role is to keep our promises and do what’s right for the policyholder, to be their umbrella on a rainy day. This is a big moment for insurance companies to step up and do what they have said they would do.

When people contact us, the worst has happened for them, and they need to depend on us. The insurers that do not look after their policyholders will feel the impact of policyholders losing trust, but those who do will feel a much closer bond with the populations they serve.

I am proud of our business and how we protect and support our customers every day.

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