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Statement from Deborah Frost, Personal Group Chief Executive

Friday January 15, 2021

Statement from Deborah Frost, Personal Group Chief Executive

Protecting our policyholders in 2021

As we enter another national lockdown, we want to reassure our policyholders and clients that we’re still supporting them by providing customer service and paying claims.

From an insurance perspective, we pride ourselves on being the umbrella our policyholders need on a rainy day, and 2020 was no different. We paid out £4 million, including claims for those affected by COVID-19.

So many of our policyholders work in essential industries – NHS trusts, social care, public transport, logistics, and food production. We are exceptionally grateful for the work that they do, and proud that Personal Group continues to protect the nation’s key workers.

If you need to get in touch, we’re available by phone, online, email, and social media. Whatever you need, our team is ready to help. Throughout the year we’ve received letters from policyholders and their families thanking us for much-needed support in difficult circumstances, which is heartening to hear.

Our employee benefits platform is available to nearly half a million UK employees, connecting employers with their teams. During the pandemic we’ve seen use of our direct push notifications on the Hapi platform increase by an incredible 635%, showing its value in keeping employees in the loop. Meanwhile, we’re carrying out virtual visits to help ensure our clients’ staff remain engaged, connected, and supported in using their employee benefits. By being flexible to clients’ needs, we can continue to provide industry-leading employee engagement services and protection products.

There is hope on the horizon but these next few months will be tough for everyone. Personal Group will continue to ‘protect the unprotected and connect the unconnected’ by supporting our colleagues, clients, and customers.

With very best wishes,

Deborah Frost

Chief Executive, Personal Group

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