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While we are a naturally low- emission business, we take a proactive approach to mitigating the environmental impact of our operations and supply chain.


Improvement on reducing carbon footprint and energy efficiency by using electricity from renewable sources and managing fleet usage effectively.


  • Reduce Head Office 2019 carbon emissions by three tonnes per annum.
  • Reduce 2019 fleet CO2 usage by 25% by 2025.
  • Work towards becoming net carbon neutral by 2031.
  • No waste production target as waste is negligible.
  • Work on environmental policy for suppliers and partners is ongoing.

Progress in 2023

  • There has been a 1% reduction in emissions from company and leased cars, with the introduction of hybrid and electric company cars in 2023.
  • The use of solar panels at our headquarters continues to prove successful in significantly lowering our MegaWatt hours. In 2023, 12.45 MWh of energy was generated which would power 4.6 homes for a year and equates to planting 157 trees.