Employee Engagement

The key to a happy and healthy business

Employee engagement is all about getting your staff enthusiastically engaged in their work. Get that right and they’ll be committed to striving harder to achieving your organisation’s objectives and enhancing its reputation.

Fail to address employee engagement and you could end up with a workforce that has low morale and motivation and increased cases of staff absence. As a result productivity and your profits will inevitably take a damaging blow.

The benefits of effective employee engagement

Engaged employees are happy and contented workers. They don’t just work to get paid; thy have an emotional connection with your business.

Inside the mind of engaged employees

  • They don’t think twice about going the extra mile
  • They have increased self-worth and self-motivation
  • They are dedicated to reaching a common goal
  • They have a happier mood and interact better with your customers.

What employee engagement is and isn’t

Many organisations conduct surveys gauging the satisfaction levels of their workforce but they are missing half the story. Employees can be happy in their job, which is all well and good but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re committed to their work. They may not be the ones who will put a bit of extra graft in to hit deadlines or impress clients, for instance.

Get employees switched on to your employee services

Employee services will only add value to your organisation if your people actually use them. All too often, people simply aren’t aware of what’s available – or previous programmes have been so complicated they’ve given up.

With us, it’s a partnership in creating the benefits model you want

Personal Group is here to make a positive difference. We set out to get the whole of your organisation, from the leaders down to the individual employees actively involved and consulted on your benefits programme. We call the benefits you offer employee services.

Our approach is to listen, to respond and to innovate. We want to build lasting relationships with all our customers and we do this by listening to what they say whilst anticipating what might be required in the future.

Whether it is by developing benefit programmes that help employers reward, motivate, recruit and retain staff, providing products that safeguard against loss of income through illness or injury or by helping individuals plan their financial future.

Over 550 UK organisations rely on us to provide benefit solutions that help recruit, retain and reward committed employees.

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