Help make your business happier and more productive with employee incentives

Keeping hold of your most valuable assets – your workforce – is top priority for any organisation. Demotivated employees have low morale which can impact productivity. The solution for many organisations is rewards based employee incentives that reward employees for their hard work.

Everyone at work has responsibility but that means nothing without recognition. It’s what drives us to put in the extra effort for the organisation. Providing incentives can help create a working environment that’s very pleasurable and motivational for employees.

Employee incentives help build enhanced job satisfaction

When employees know that if they put in hard graft, their efforts will be rewarded by their employer, the effect could be felt across your organisation and help create a happier working culture. The upshot is productivity gains to help make your business more profitable.

Rewards are also great for driving better client and customer relations. Happier employees will better represent your organisation or brand when meeting clients and customers.

Retention and recruitment

Rewarding staff can help with retention and minimise high staff turnover which can be expensive both on the cost of recruiting and training. On top of that, with a package of attractive benefits your business will also be in an enviable position for drawing in new recruits.


Make hard work rewarding and fun with our Hapi app

We understand you need the best strategy and resources to make employee incentive schemes a sure-fire hit. You need to drive engagement and uptake across your business fast and cost-effectively.


That’s why we have developed the Hapi app

This app gives them access to their rewards scheme whenever they need it. Accessible through a single password-protected login, it’s safe and secure as well as being user-friendly.

  • Employees can claim attractive rewards
  • Access around the clock on any Android, Apple and desktop device
  • Get a snapshot of their reward earnings and targets
  • Get useful information on the scheme.

How Hapi will benefit your business

Hapi is easy to use, creating the sort of happiness and fun that gets people buying into the idea of working hard for incentives. It also allows employees to build their points and choose the rewards they want.

We’ll build the app for you

We will design the platform to work for your business and your employees. Driven by a programme of awareness and training, we help to ensure each individual is fully up to speed with how the app works to their benefit. Together with promotion and marketing communications activities we will create excitement in your employee incentive programme – for maximum results.

Very easy to administer and low-cost to introduce

Hapi is a win-win for you as an employer as much as it is for each employee.

  • The easy way to reward staff
  • A positive engaging platform for promoting your values
  • Customisable to your corporate house style.

Flexible ways to promote your employee incentives

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Nominate employees of the month for fostering great team bonding
  • Organise award presentations acknowledging high performing positive role models
  • Recognition awards to long-standing loyal staff.

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