Make employee recognition straight forward

Giving employees recognition for their work efforts helps make them feel they’re making a valued contribution. Thanks to benefits and reward-based incentives, organisations work culture can be re-energised, leading to a more committed workforce that cares about its organisation’s values.

Rewards also play a crucial role in fighting the age old issue of retention. If the morale of staff is allowed to slip, a high turnover of employees can result, which can be very costly for business. Not least for the expense of further recruitment and training that will be necessary.

Delivering better customer focus

 With rewards-based incentives you can create more positivity within your organisation. Your staff will engage and care more about your core values, caring more about your products and services. The net result? They will be better ambassadors when it comes to promoting and selling.


Our Hapi app makes rewarding work happen

 We will build your employee recognition scheme and generate the interest needed to get it really buzzing.

To connect employees with everything they need to know about your scheme we deliver it with our Hapi app. Hapi makes reward checking easy. In addition, to promote better understanding it features explanations for each employee’s reward entitlements.

Steps to creating your tailored employee recognition scheme

We’ll help you develop your employee recognition scheme and we’ll help you to drum up employee awareness and interest through marketing communications activities.

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