Employee Reward Scheme

Why Employee Rewards Schemes work wonders…

When employees are given rewards, which recognise their hard work, they feel something special inside. They feel valued. Furthermore, knowing that their future efforts will be rewarded they’re more willing to continue to work harder and, these positive effects can be felt across your organisation.

It makes incentives highly visible, bringing together

  • Easy access to their reward and recognition scheme
  • An easy view of what they have earned and targets to aim for
  • Helpful explanations on their entitlements
  • Single login access that’s password-protected, creating a safe reassuring environment

Reward schemes provide numerous benefits

  • Engagement across your organisation for maximum uptake
  • Simple and low-cost to implement
  • Easy way to hand out rewards
  • Options available for flexibility to be individually configured and customisable with your own corporate branding

Ideas for reward and recognition programmes

Cash, makes for a rather dull incentive that doesn’t generate much interest or excitement. Far better is the choice of many rewards, making a reward and recognition scheme very appealing.

There are many engaging ways you can use your employees’ rewards scheme as the key focus of your internal promotion activities such as:

Getting the bespoke solution for employees rewards schemes

Working in close partnership we’ll develop bespoke schemes that are in step with your employees’ needs to ensure great uptake.

Central to our approach is:

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