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Employee Health and Wellbeing

Improve your employees’ overall wellbeing by considering their physical, emotional and financial wellbeing. We believe in the triangle of wellbeing – if an employee is suffering in one area (financial, emotional or physical) it will often manifest itself in one or both of the other areas. A truly all-inclusive health and wellness programme acknowledges and supports employees at each point of the triangle, promoting true employee wellbeing.

Employee Assistance Programmes

With an Employee Assistance Programme, it is possible to offer confidential support to staff when they need it most. Our EAP supports your employees with emotional, personal, financial, legal, marital, family, tax, work and management issues. The service is available 24/7 throughout the year by phone, email, SMS or fax, connecting your employees to senior in-house specialists to deal with all EAP needs. We are also able to provide HR teams up to six face-to-face sessions to discuss detailed MI on service usage.

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Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing is as important as physical and emotional wellbeing and financial difficulties can manifest themselves in physical and emotional symptoms. Through a salary deduction schemes, you can provide help to staff when they want to borrow or save money. Help your employees consolidate their debts into one manageable amount and help them clear their debt faster.

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Discounted Gym Memberships

Benefit from low cost corporate rates at over 2,500 health clubs across the UK and Ireland. Give your employees access to great discounted rates at a wide range of health clubs; including major leisure centres, hotels and independent gyms.

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Health Checks

Our employee health checks involve onsite health screening and health reviews, including personal reviews around alcohol and smoking, activity and fitness, diet and nutrition, work and life balance, stress and mind review, your employees’ wellbeing age and overall wellbeing score. As an employer you will receive a report based on the organisation health with any relevant recommendations for potential improvements.

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Lifestyle Advice

Our Hapi-Life wellbeing portal draws on a wealth of information, hints, tips and ideas to help you employees improve their health and over wellbeing. With regular content updates, ranging from nutrition and hydration to mental wellbeing, spirituality and sleep, Hapi-Life offers a range of information available on demand through the platform.

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OnDemand GP

OnDemand GP allows employees to see and speak to GPs through their smartphone or computer in under ten minutes; representing one of the shortest wait time of any online doctor.

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Our research shows that an Employee Benefits Platform can save a company with 1000 employees more than £125,000 per year. Use our calculator to see how much your company can potentially save

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